There are a few simple things you can easily do that will dramatically improve your casino results. When you first read these tips, it isn’t going to seem as if they will have very much impact, but trust me when I tell you that they will.

Do not gamble with money that you need to pay bills. A lot of people do it from time to time and it almost always turns out badly. The fear of losing money that you cannot afford to lose adds enough pressure to have a serious impact on your decision making.

Do not gamble when you are upset. For example, do not go straight to your computer to gamble right after having a bad fight with a loved one. Again, this will have a serious impact on your decision making.

Only make bets that are appropriate to the amount of money that you have in your bankroll to play with. If you have a stake of €100, you should not be making €25 bets at the Blackjack table. Rather you should be betting no more than €1 or €2 at a time on the Blackjack table.


You will almost always come out much better when you give yourself a chance to win, and by betting 25% of your bankroll on each hand of Blackjack, you can get busted very quickly.

By betting smaller amounts, you give yourself an opportunity to build up your bankroll and then you can increase the size of your bets accordingly.

Try to make the important decisions before, after, and during a break from gambling. Taking a break to think about whether you have won or lost enough for this session will give you a better chance to think clearly.


Remember that it is all right to take a short break and that the game will still be there when you get back.

On most casino games, the house has a small percentage advantage. The best way for you to overcome that small house edge is to make certain that you are getting the best deposit bonuses, the most free spins, and the best loyalty programs.

By doing this, you will easily overcome the casino’s small percentage advantage. To this end, you will see that we have listed on this site the casinos with the biggest bonuses.


These few simple tips may seem inconsequential, but I tell you from my own personal experience that it makes a very positive difference. The four NZD online casinos with the best bonuses are listed right below so that you can take advantage of it now, while it is fresh in your mind.

The Best Online Casinos in New Zealand

1. Royal Vegas Casino
2. Playamo
3. Spinia
4. SlottyVegas

Good Luck!